Igor Cornelsen has made quite a name for himself in the investing world. He has become the retired banker that is still giving investment advice to anyone that is willing to follow his lead. Igor Cornelsen spent most of his career in Brazil, and he knows quite a bit about the investment market over there. He has given many Americans inside tips on investing in Brazil, and there are three tips that he urges everyone to follow.

One of the investment tips that he gives investors is to pay attention to the currency exchange rates on Angel.co. There’s always a difference in the rate of exchange once you are outside of America so investors need to make sure that they know what their dollar is worth when they are investing in Latin American index funds or stocks at http://igorcornelsen.yolasite.com/.

A second rule that he presents is to be aware of the red tape that is involved when you are making plans to invest overseas. When it comes to Brazil, politics play a big part in every aspect of investing on Tripod. There can be so much red tape that is tied up into new developments or established companies that are presenting new products to the market. Sometimes investment can seem like a sure thing, but the red tape that comes with political matters can get in the way so investors should be mindful of all of these things.

Another thing that Igor Cornelsen urges people to do is connect with the natives. It is going to be crucial to actually be involved with what the natives are doing in order to know how the culture is transforming. This is the best way to become aware of the stocks that will be profitable.

Overall, Igor Cornelsen is someone that has a lot of knowledge about investing. He has already taken the time to go through the trial and error that comes from investing in Brazil. He knows this market because he has been a banker for years in Brazil. That makes him a grand authority on investing in this area. People of Brazilian stocks should take his advice.