Drew Madden the founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners recently had an interview with Inspirery. During his interview, he spoke about his journey from the time he graduated to date. This professional gave an elaborate tale about how his career began and how he became a consultant with Epic applications.

A recap of Drew Madden’s interview with Inspirery

Drew Madden ventured in healthcare IT after graduating from school. Cerner offered him a job when he could not find employment in the engineering field. He chose to stay in this domain upon realizing that this field would turn out to be promising in the future. Over the years, he has found healthcare IT to not only be rewarding but fulfilling as well.

Drew Madden has been able to succeed due to his professionalism and ability to connect with people. He boasts about his aptness to uplift and empowers people. According to this executive, he has managed to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the health sector.

Drew Madden attributes his success to his family particularly his wife and children. One of the major achievements that he feels proud of is the success Evergreen. During the interview, he reflected how this establishment came to be and how successful it has been. Drew Madden views Evergreen as the major highlight of his career.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden is a business professional experienced in matters of healthcare technology. He is an alma mater of the University of Iowa where he studied industrial engineering. Drew Madden initiated his career in 2002 as an integration consultant. He has also worked in Healthia Consulting/ ingex Consulting and Ingex Consulting.

Drew Madden is remembered for playing a huge role at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. While working for this organization, he was involved in activities such as recruitment, business development, and consultation matters. He was also in charge of maintaining relationships with more than 150 Epic clients.

Drew Madden currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is intrigued by Electronic Medical Records (EMR). He has dedicated his career to optimize, implement, and troubleshoot matters of EMR. He has links with some of the most influential organizations in the industry that assist him with his EMR projects.