One major story from Twitter in 2018 had to do with the utterly baffling Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm. For over 21 hours, Mr. Pishevar talked about everything from the financial markets to the state of Silicon Valley and the United States’ position in the world. Below is a recap of the four more notable predictions from the Shervin Pishevar Twitter rant.

1). The Dow Blows Up

The one tweet that gathered the most retweets and comments had to do with Mr. Pishevar’s prediction on the future of the U.S. stock market. In particular, Mr. Pishevar believes that the Dow Jones Index would slip would fall by more than 20%. This prediction was made while the Dow was hitting a new all-time high. Well, flash forward 12 months later. The Dow has fallen more than 10% from its high. While not yet in a bear market, this prediction may turn out to be correct.

2). Bitcoin Hits Bottom

The most shocking tweet from Mr. Pishevar involves the volatile crypto market. As Bitcoin was hitting its all-time high of $20,000, Shervin Pishevar decided to stick his neck out and predict a Bitcoin crash. This caught lots of people off guard since just about everyone was convinced that Bitcoin was going to the moon. Time has shown that Pishevar was absolutely correct. Bitcoin did indeed crash all the way down to around $2,000.

3). Silicon Valley Giants Are Too Big

Moving back to his hometown, Shervin Pishevar talked about the growing influence of Silicon Valley giants. In particular, Mr. Pishevar believes that companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google hold virtual monopolies in their respective markets. Since that tweet, the big four tech companies have grown bigger and are now facing anti-trust inquiries from various state and Federal governments.

4). The United States Needs Infrastructure Help

Finally, Shervin Pishevar talked about the depressing state of U.S. infrastructure. Specifically, Mr. Pishevar pointed out that China is moving further ahead than the U.S. and that America needs to catch up in order to stay competitive.