Venezuela needs a change in the government

It’s never an uncommon thing for there to be political disagreements and the occasional bit of unrest in regards to political elections. For Venezuela, this has proven to be a little more troubling than in other places.

This past December, the political party headed by president Nicolas Maduro was able to take a victory in the parliamentary elections and also had the chance solve economic and political issues that would’ve certainly compromised the nation. The chance to make a serious change that would’ve stabilized the economy was also recommended by the Obama Administration and most of Latin America.

However according to Ms. Norka Luque, the Maduro Administration chose not to follow this course and instead turned to using “scored earth welfare” tactics with the National Assembly in order to try and force change. This move has already proven unpopular, since the Supreme Court decided to strip the party of all of its constitutional powers and deny any legislation they attempted to pass. This is all in addition to the fact that government supporters were already unlawfully working with the opposition before they took office.

More serious is the fact that Maduro’s government may very well see an economic breakdown, in between high inflation rates, water and power shortages and a rise in crime said Luque. There have also been some human rights issues to work with, such as the imprisonment of many opposition activists.