Academy of Art University is offering excellent opportunities for innovative training in different career dockets. They entail entertainment, designs, liberal arts, and fine arts. Academy of Art University is situated in San Francisco, California and it has been operating since 1929. Though the categories may look few, each of them comprises a wide number of specializations, which include some options for designing video games and smartphone apps among other interactive technologies available. Academy of Art University has a School of Game Development within it that adopts the concepts that bridge different departments into an ability to create interactive technology in other fields like communication sector.


The School of Game Development is open to teach any student the skills that are important in fulfilling their studies in different areas, which include animation, programming, game design, rigging, augmented reality, 3D modeling, virtual reality, and concept art. This is regardless of whether the students desire to develop in line with the academy, mobiles, pioneers, or their career path. Academy of Art University has also embraced the interactive online courses or classroom setup. This is directing students to build and embrace the concepts that can connect the ability of a department to bring in interactive technology in all the fields around. These fields could be architecture, arts, and communication among others.


Academy of Art University is owned privately as a profit art academy in the United States. Richard S. Stephens founded the school in the year 1929 as an Academy of Advertising Art. Currently, it has around 283 teachers who are on a full-time basis and 1154 teaching staff who are on a part-time basis. The student’s range is 12,600. It is among the most prominent private-owned design and art school in the entire United States of America. It offers different programs to different students depending on their level of need and participation. This includes the chances of associates, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. It has undergone expansion and technological growth where it offers some of the courses through an online platform. Academy of Art University owns and runs an automobile museum called Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. Most of the cars in the museum are the university’s property whereas some are properties to Stephen’s family.