While many people like to go to malls and shop, there are a surprisingly small percentage of people that actually think about what they are buying. This is even true when it comes to fashion. Not that many people think about the clothes they are buying beyond the size of the product on Pando. However, there are some that are more conscious about the decisions that they are making about the clothes that they are buying. Among these people are women. Women are more fashion conscious than men in many cases. This is why they are given more variety so that they can come up with a look that they can enjoy.

Adam Goldenberg is definitely interested in working with the industry in order to offer some of the best and most stylish clothing choices for women. There are a lot of alluring and aesthetically pleasing pieces of clothing that women can use to put together an outfit. Adam sells all of his products through his company, JustFab. When Adam Goldenberg was working with Don Ressler in order to come up with something for women, he was very interested in the subscription service model that was successful at some point in time.

In order to make sure that his business is a success, he has made sure that the women are able to save money while shopping for clothes. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg made sure that women were able to choose an outfit that they would like without having to spend a lot of money. JustFab would send them something every month based on their choices. This is actually quite effective. For one thing, women will have a constant stream of clothing that they will get for their subscription. This gives women a constantly growing closet and a wardrobe that will constantly update. (https://www.apparelnews.net/news/2016/sep/05/new-sizes-fab-justfab/)

JustFab has turned out to be one of the most successful options when it comes to clothing for women. Adam Goldenberg has made sure that women will have an easy time finding their own style with JustFab. JustFab has expanded to include some brands for men as well. He does understand that there are some men that want to have style as well.