One of the most important things anyone can decide to do with their lives is spend their time giving back to others. It’s not surprising that Adam Milstein, one of the world’s most influential Jews, has made helping Jewish Americans succeed and connect to their homeland of Israel. His non-profit organizations are involved in everything from teaching Jewish students leadership skills to programs designed to connect American Jews to their ancestral homeland. His commitment to giving back to his community has had a massive impact on the way American Jews identify. Before his philanthropy Jews identifying as Israelis was a fairly uncommon occurrence, but thanks to his work it has become an important part of the identity of Jewish Americans.

The strongest philanthropic organization Milstein involves himself with is the Adam and Gia Milstein Family Foundation. His work at his foundation has focused on supporting the Jewish people and Israel by helping to foster a stronger relationship between America and Israel. Through his family foundation he has helped 58 other philanthropic organizations meet their goals including the Israeli-American Council. His support of Israel reaches outside of the Jewish community and includes many non-Jewish activists who wish to show their support for Israel. The Campus Allies program, his effort at getting the support of young non-Jewish college students, works specifically to this goal. Educating young Americans in general about the need to support Israel is one of the biggest reasons Adam Milstein is as influential as he is today. He has not only established Jewish support for the Israeli identity, but fostered support for Israel among people of all backgrounds.