The media is raging about “Freedom Checks”, something introduced to the public by Matt Badiali. These checks aren’t from income taxes, and they aren’t government checks from any other department or project. While they may resemble them they are something quite different. These checks are a symbol of a greater opportunity, and they are a great way to help create real wealth. One check, over $114,280 has people talking about what these checks are and how they can be used. The strange thing is that these checks look almost identical to the checks that are issued for income tax refunds. Since they look just like them, how can they be so different? Read more at to learn more.

Freedom checks, according to Matt Badiali are all about the right investments at the right time. The ads you’ve seen are not for a get-rich-quick scheme, and they aren’t going to replace your retirement. These checks are misunderstood and it’s time for that to change. These checks could be a vital piece of your puzzle to retirement. Matt Badiali wants to share an investment opportunity with you that he discovered while on his job. Having traveled the world within his profession, he has seen and heard about a lot of different types of opportunities, but this one is unique. Inspecting mines and wells in Switzerland has also put him into the ground, literally when it comes to his work.

While talking to CEO’s of oil companies, Matt Badiali made an interesting discovery. He could invest in specific companies drilling on American soil that would pay him dividends on the investment he made. The “freedom checks” that he talks about are private, and in no way related to any project the government is working on. These checks are not a scam but an investment. A real investment opportunity that all stemmed from his initial investment in Kaminak Gold Corp, back in 2008. This investment led to a good return. His foresight led him to note that while everyone else had stopped investing and stocks were down, it was the time to buy.

Fast forward to 2017, and Matt Badiali is at it with Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These are desirable in real companies that are publicly traded. Therefore, your investments as a partnership in this company pay you out of the tax advantage. The money is only taxed once, leaving you with money in your pocket no matter what. Learn more: