Securus Technologies is a technology company based in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in technology for law enforcement and corrections facilities across North America. Their company motto is to create technology and software to help make America safer. For the last 30 years, they have been envisioning, creating, and designing software to help law enforcement make that happen. View the company profile on


Being in the technology industry involves working with many patents. Patents can get competitive and can create enemies. Global Tel Link, or GTL, recently wrote a press release talking about many patent issues they have with Securus Technologies. GTL claims that most of the patents that Securus Technologies is currently using or wants to use belong to GTL. Global Tel Link states in their press release that Securus has no rights to use the patents and needs to stop.


A final allegation that GTL makes against Securus Technologies is that Securus is more than willing to bring lawsuits against others.


Securus Technologies refutes all claims and goes on to explain their position against every allegation. They say that all of these attacks are baseless and they resent every allegation that has been made. They state that they are doing everything within the law and will continue to defend themselves for as long as it takes.