Business owner, Clayton Hutson, founded a firm which manages, orchestrates, and produces concerts. Originally an audio engineer, Hutson transitioned within the music industry and began working with live music performances and was promoted to a project management. Following years of carefully honing his skills, Clayton Hudson decided to establish his own firm.

Most typically, the type of concerts Hutson works on are rock concerts. In fact, Clay Hutson is proud to have worked with several popular acts including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. While each of these acts has its own specific set of complex showmanship techniques, Pink is well-known for an exceptionally thrilling show which often includes stunts requiring great athletics such as her acrobatic silks routines which have to be meticulously measured and strung in order to allow for flawless performance of death-defying acts. Guns N’ Roses continues to play sold out show to highly packed arenas of thousands upon thousands. Kid Rock concerts are no easy feat, either. He utilizes highly skilled pyrotechnical engineers, plus features a stage which is filled with everything from a fire-breather to walkers on stilts, a juggler, dancers, and more, all of which require highly skilled stage management.

A typical workday for Clayton Hutson is off to a swift start before 7am. He aims to be the first person to arrive wherever the musical performance will be located. Most often, he begins by walking and analyzing the area to get a solid feel for the space. From there Hutson hits the paperwork as he carefully reviews his schedule and creates a fresh to-do list for the day, then he organizes the way that the equipment and materials will be arranged. Even while the artist is performing Hutson is orchestrating exactly how to break down everything and delegating specific tasks to each member of the crew. As a unit the employees have worked together with Hutson to determine the most efficient way to set up so that breaking each show down is done with a high level of efficiency. A daily tip Clayton Hutson uses is finding inspiration in quotes from the greats such as Thomas Jefferson, Vince Lombardi, and W.C. Fields.

Q&A with Clay Hutson