In the Reno Gazette-Journal Andy Wirth gives an op-ed addressing Reno City Council’s decision to support the Clean Power Plan. Wirth feels that this vote is a step forward in moving our country away from environment unfriendly coal power towards clean and renewable energy. Through the vote, the council became another influential force in the area to pledge support to the cause and Wirth “sincerely applaud[s] their actions.”

Andy Wirth argues that times aren’t changing. Instead, times have already noticeably changed; we are enjoying the fruits of a growing economy and relishing in the growing opportunities that this economy is bringing to the region. There has been a significant amount of progress in establishing and strengthening the clean energy economy and without the support of the private sector to keep pressure on utility companies and the government, this change couldn’t continue.

Wirth calls for elected officials to do more in supporting clean energy and envisions the region to be the leader in the nation for this type of energy. Our elected officials should use “long-term, rational and logical thinking and not give in to well heeled special interest groups” when considering clean energy initiatives.

The Clean Power Plan is a plan that will continue to support the region’s vibrant economy and for this reason, the issue is apolitical. This isn’t the time for arguing. This is the time to realize that our environment is suffering because of our poor energy choices. Furthermore, the plan is also about opportunity and will welcome influential companies such as Apple and Tesla into the region. For these reasons, Wirth argues, the Clean Power Plan is something worth full support.

Andy Wirth, the writer of the op-ed on the Clean Power Act, is the chairman of the board of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. He is also the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. During his time with Squaw Valley, Wirth drastically overhauled mountain design and infrastructure at the resort, leading to a huge upswing in customer satisfaction. Wirth is also a major philanthropic force behind environmental and community service causes.