Anthony Constantinou was born on 1st July 1984 in Limassol, Cyprus. He works at Queen Mary University, London as an assistant lecturer and professor.

Additionally, he is the leader of Bayern Artificial Intelligence and Research laboratory. He has previously held many positions and worked as a lead researcher, associate consultant, teaching assistant in the university, decision scientist, and even served once as a soldier.

His country of birth is Cyprus, but he currently lives and works at London in the United Kingdom. Due to this two backgrounds, he can speak his mother language, Greek, and fluent English. Anthony Constantinou has made quite an excellent resume for himself after completing his Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics from the Hertfordshire University UK, in 2009. Furthermore, he furthered his education by graduating from the University of Queen Mary London in 2012 with a Ph.D. in Bayesian Networks. After his graduation, he stayed in the institution and currently works as an instructor in Data Mining and Machine Learning.

Anthony Constantinou is well known for his creative projects, publications, and comprehensive researches. He is well versed and knowledgeable with unmatched skills in Bayesian Networks. This technology is vital for decision making, risk analysis, probability, data mining statistics, and engineering. These networks also assist in helping businesses determine relationships between two entities.

During his research, Anthony Constantinou has collaborated with various like-minded individuals, learning institutions, and industrial manufacturers worldwide to come up with high-end results. His study is considerably inclusive as it involves nearly all sectors such as gaming, sports, finance, medicine, and economics. He has been awarded severally for his efforts and knowledge he brings in various industries.

By developing a pi-football model which was crucial in determining or predicting English Premier League matches in 2010/2011 season, it was one of his key achievements. His Dolores model was also ranked second in global special issue competition. Visit This Page for related information.

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