Anthony Constantinou is a Greek lecturer who works at the Queen Mary University of London. He teaches machine learning and data mining to his students. He also heads this Queen Mary University’s Bayesian AI Lab. He earned both his BSc and MSc at the University of Hertfordshire. His Ph.D. in Bayesian networks was earned at the Queen Mary University of London.

Bayesian networks are a technology that is used to predict things, assess risk, and assist in the decision making process. The area that Anthony Constantinou most enjoys doing his research in is sports such as football, darts, and tennis. Other topics of Anthony Constantinou’s research include finance, medicine, gaming, and economics.

After completing his Ph.D., Anthony Constantinou was awarded an internship. This was completed in August 2012, at AgenaRisk in London. This firm, later on, chose to hire him as an associate consultant and he helped customers around the world with his work in Bayesian networks. His first experience teaching came in October 2009 when he was hired by Queen Mary, University of London, as a teaching assistant. Anthony Constantinou taught procedural programming, software risk assessment, and software engineering.

He has also spent time as a freelance consultant for the past three years. Much of his consulting work takes place in the sports betting industry but he does work in other industries as well. Go To This Page to learn more.

Anthony Constantinou is serving as the advisor for 12 students working towards their own Ph.D.s. The program he is in accepts all nationalities. Additionally, in August of this year, he was named as a Turing Fellow due to his efforts to advance data science and artificial intelligence research.


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