Ara Chackerian is known for his many methods of interacting with the world around him. He is an investor, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and author of his own blogs. He is a one man army. No matter how high of a level of success he has attained, Ara has consistently given back to the community. He is investing in environmental causes in Nicaragua and does so by using an eco-friendly method of agriculture while making sure that it also enhances the environment.


Ara Chackerian’s profession is has mainly been in the healthcare field. He continues to find new and innovative ways to combine technology with healthcare. The agricultural farm in Nicaragua does not only provide a clean way of farming and eating, it also provides many jobs for the locals. This helps to boost the economy, too. Mr. Chackerian has a few decades of experience in the healthcare field and currently sits on a few boards in the Bay Area.


Mr.Chackerian recently wrote an article that goes into several key points on the topic of suicide. The first thing that was clarified was the fact that the amount of people that commit suicide in the United States alone is an approximate 45,000 a year. That is a staggering number and Ara goes on to discuss the reason why the number is so high. For more details visit LinkedIn.


When someone is experiencing having suicidal thoughts, it is usually a very difficult thing to talk about with someone else. The topic of suicide alone seems to be a highly taboo thing to talk about in our current society. The admittance of suicide can expose deep levels of depression and that can leave a person in a very vulnerable position that they might not be ready to be in. You can visit



The reasons for a person to not be willing to be that vulnerable can be because of guilt and shame. Some of the causes for suicidal thoughts and tendencies in the first place can be fear and a misunderstanding of their environment. The issue of suicide is usually overshadowed by other topics such as school shootings and fighting cancer.



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