Becker is a successful figure in business, having majored in real estate, bio and info technology. According to NY Mag, in real estate, he has concentrated on New York by investing in Sullivan Street. He is said to own three adjacent townhouses occupying the whole of 30th, 40th and 50th street. His property is valued to have cost him $22 million, accompanied by a $29.4 million construction fee. $500 million from his Tech businesses, especially Atlantic Investors LLC, has been entirely dedicated to real estate. Arthur Becker has also invested in JDS Development Group, Property Markets and AmBase Corp found in 57th street.

Navisite is a major tech business that has been running since 1996. The company deals with hosting, IT services and IT infrastructure. In its journey to provide quality services, the Navisite has partnered with Microsoft, Intel, Sun and Microsystems. In 2008 alone, the company generated a net income of $154.6 million dealing in enterprising and application hosting. Enterprise includes dedicated, shared and complex hosting, cloud computing and software enabling services, while application hosting entails email collaboration with IBM and Microsoft Exchange, custom application Development and software QA and testing.

Madison Technology Group is a leading and seasoned business that integrates IT solutions into architecture. This involves combining a complex business process and software expertise. The group boasts of the most talented consultants and skilled leaders in this field, yielding the some of the best results. Thus, the company has delivered quality customer service and numerous innovative products.

Atlantic investors is another company that Arthur Becker has invested in. Like the rest of his investments, this company has flourished since its launch in 1993. According to the Los Angeles Times, the company owns apartments, hotels, office buildings and warehouses. Furthermore, the business has joint ventures in projects such as commercial and residential buildings and hotels.

Zinio LLC, another important business by Becker, is an award winning digital publishing company that has been in operation since 2001. The company posts articles on the internet in the form of magazines for internet users. The company’s page allows one to explore, read and shop for digital magazines. These materials can be accessed on computer, android devices and apple devices. For more information, see,