The electronics wholesale company Avanca raised well over $10,000 when they launched a fundraiser. This was mainly due to NewsWatch TV’s efforts. In fact, Avanca praised NewsWatch TV in a review.


In a thirty day period, over a quarter million was raised. The director of marketing at Avanca said its fundraising project was widely successful because of NewsWatch’s coverage. The director went on to say they thought the work that was done was very good and they recommend companies use NewsWatch.


Avanca’s review of NewsWatch TV was short and straight to the point. The bottom line is NewsWatch exceeded Avanca’s expectations.


A Little About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a television program that has been airing since the early 90s. Although the show has evolved throughout the many years of existence, the format has relatively stayed the same. Individual stories are introduced by the show’s hosts and service/product reviews that are consumer oriented are discussed too. The program is a half-hour long, but segments are only up to two minutes long.


AMC airs the show and so does ION. Channels affiliated with those two networks may air the show too. It typically can be watched on Monday mornings and it airs once per week. The show is popular and it has received many awards. Not only that, the show has hosted many celebrities from various fields.


NewsWatch TV has an official website people can visit if they want to find out more about the show, the team behind the show or other useful information.