Native Filipino, Bernardo Chua is a world renown CEO, entrepreneur, and marketing leader. Growing up he always desired to be a medical doctor so that he could help people. Though his desire to help people did not manifest through being a doctor; he has been able to help people through his various business ventures and mentorship. He is well known for being the CEO and one-half founder of Organo Gold; which has been considered one of the most prominent instant coffee, tablets, and tea producers and a mentor/sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation. Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by both Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand. The company started with only three employees and has expanded into various offices in over 35 countries worldwide in eight years. Over the years, they have prided themselves on their Scientific Advisory Board that consist of medical consultants that verifies the organic ingredients being used. To them, the authenticity of their products is the reason why consumers gravitate towards them. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

For eight years, Organo Gold has never been offered in retail stores. Instead, distributers purchase the products and sell them for a 50% commission. This allows distributors to earn passive income (and possibly replace their traditional job) and the company to distribute products in several countries and continents. This is all a part of the “domino effect” system; in which sales teams, the company and distributors share profits earned. He implemented the Preferred Customer Program that rewards consistent customers with a 25% discount. This business model results in increasing direct sales.

Moreover, Chua makes sure that his distributers and consumers are updated on the ganoderma lucidium herb. He was introduced to this herb while working in California, with Gano Excel and has utilized this herb in drinkable coffee and tea. These drinks are known to promote inner prosperity, wellness and balance.