Bob Reina has hit his mark as the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, the company he established in 2007 that provides video marketing services for its clients. Reina has made his 20 years of experience in the marketing and direct selling industry to spearhead an innovative operation with virtually no serious competitors.


Bob is strongly committed to caring for family, giving back to the community, and making contributions to charities that champion the cause of aminal rights.



What Was Your Inspiration To Begin Talk Fusion


I was first introduced to the world of direct selling while working as a policeman. One day while at work a gentleman approached me and gave me a quick rundown of network marketing. The concepts immediately made sense to me.


A few years later I was looking at a house and wanted to send the video of my tour to family members only to find out that the platform I was using did not provide for such an action. After speaking to a friend in IT, we developed the video email product that became a flagship product.


How Long Did It Take To Become Profitable


Talk Fusion was profitable pretty quickly. It was simply the perfect product at the right time and place. The main factors behind business success are simple in nature, identify a problem, and provide a fix that is superior to everyone else’s solution.


Where Did Your First Customer Come From


Our video email product caused quite a stir coming out the gate. I spoke to everyone I could about the product and by launch time, we had a number of customers and Associates onboard with the project.


What Do You Feel Is The Reason For Your Success


Success is fueled by the power of the dream. When a person truly wants to accomplish a goal there is not much to stop them. As a network marketer, I had to overcome some tough times to find success but refused to stop working toward my goals. As the leader of Talk Fusion, I share the many things I have learned as a network marketer with my Associates. Learn more: