If you own or operate a business in 2017 then you had better get used to the idea of working with video. The power of video has become unrivaled in terms of marketing and customer outreach and that is exactly why the company Talk Fusion has been so successful. Of course, Talk Fusion was founded over a decade ago because CEO Bob Reina foresaw the importance of video in the future. Now, after a decade in the business, Reina is continuing to introduce high-profile video marketing applications for their grateful customers. Most recently, Reina introduced the Live Meetings program which could make a huge difference for companies all around the world.


The Live Meetings application is one of the newest and most expansive pieces in the Talk Fusion video marketing suite. Built on WebRTC technology, Live Meetings provides customers with a way for business to coordinate with clients and other employees by way of sharp-video and instant communication. The software utilizes WebRTC technology which means that there are no downloads and the entire platform can be accessed through a web browser. Customers don’t even have to install the traditional Flash Player that has become so prevalent on the internet.


Talk Fusion’s continued success has been all about their ability to forecast just enough of the future to see where they need to be. It seems like Bob Reina knows what is coming next for video marketing and that has put him in the right place to take advantage. Of course, Reina isn’t psychic but his decade in the business has given him an intuition and a feeling that is unrivaled by other similar executives. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate


Talk Fusion is enjoying a particularly effective year as they have been heralded with several great awards. Talk Fusion was handed the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award by TMC for their work on the Video Chat application. Now, Live Meetings looks to be stealing the show going forward. Prospective customers interested in the Talk Fusion marketing suite can go directly to the Talk Fusion website in order to try out a special 30-day trial.