Bruno Fagali is already an accomplished lawyer, but in 2015 he went back to university to finish off his master law degree in Sao Paolo. Bruno has worked many cases throughout Brazil and has dedicated himself to learning various languages with fluency as well.

During Bruno’s time at the University of Sao Paolo and before he landed his first job, he was taking internships at different companies to expand on the business side of his legal expertise. From 2010 to 2010, Bruno was focused on administrative law specifically before he took on a lawyer position at Calil, Radi, and Associates.

Bruno Fagali has been running Fagali Advocacy since 2016, which is already on the road to becoming a leading law firm throughout Brazil’s legal market. Bruno’s practice mostly focuses on compliance and anti-corruption, but they also have experts in all kinds of law at the firm waiting to help clients in need. Bruno has his own website for his law firm that shares much of the information Bruno does in the legal field as well as how to contact his firm for legal help. Bruno is even responsible for the integrity program change through the Transparency Supervision Control Council in Brazil to reduce the risk to all parties in business and the corruption that has become more common over the years.

Bruno Fagali has practiced in pretty much all kinds of law that could be useful in his career, at his practice, and throughout Brazil. Whether it is litigations, public law, administrative law, family law, or a variety of others, Bruno and his law firm have the experience and legal knowledge to hand any of their client’s problems. Bruno’s company also plays a role in the community, actively getting involved in more than just legal matters to place a weighing opinion on news and giving people guidance in the community.

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