The field of law in Brazil has become highly competitive in the last few years primarily due to the presence of so many skillful and experienced attorneys. One of the most accomplished and successful attorneys in Brazil based in Sao Paulo is Bruno Fagali. He has handled many challenging and complex cases for his clients over the years, which has helped build his reputation in the legal industry. Bruno Fagali has a law firm that he founded by the name of Fagali Advocacia, which is a top-rated and reputed law firm in the corporate circle of Brazil. It handles the legal department and cases of many of the leading corporate companies in the country.

Bruno Fagali has worked for many reputed law firms after completing his studies in law at the Pontifical Catholic University. One of the law firms that Bruno Fagali worked for is Radi Calil and Associates. It helped him get the exposure and practical experience he needed to excel in the field of law and start his law firm. In the beginning, he struggled while opening Fagali Advocacia, but managed to pull his law firms up the rank of popularity in the country within right circle through his hard work and determination. Fagali Advocacia is known to specialize in administrative law, regulatory law, civil law, financial law, corporate law, compliance law, and ethics related issues. He has represented many of the big companies in Brazil and successfully turned tables for his clients.

Bruno Fagali also works as the Corporate Integrity Officer at the successful marketing agency named Novo/SB. As he is highly experienced in compliance law and also holds a diploma in compliance law from Getulio Vargas Foundation, he is often consulted by companies regarding various types of compliance and regulatory issues. Bruno Fagali ensures that his clients can get the justice they deserve and puts his hundred percent behind every case he takes up.