Have you heard of either the Fasano Hotel or the Cidade Jardim? They are two excellent examples of what can come to fruition when a brilliant leader and a strong team come together to develop real estate. In Brazil, there is a company by the title of JHSF, and it is currently being efficiently steered by Zeco Auriemo, who rules as chief executive officer, refer to (Istoedinheiro.com). The Brazilian real estate world has never been the same because of him, and particularly with regards to shopping centers and luxury buildings all over the Latin country.

Although Brazil is the primary beneficiary of what JHSF has done for the industry, it is by no means the only location that has gotten to receive the blessings of Zeco Aurimeo’s vision. On American soil, the company has had more than its fair share of fun when it comes to the luxury residential New York real estate game. JHSF’s building is one of the nicest in the city, and its stories number 14. It is truly the definition of luxurious, and high-income New Yorkers are happy to flock to the property thanks to its high status.

Why stop there, however? Zeco and his beloved JHSF team were not satisfied with the already staggering amount of success they had achieved; it was topped with yet another mind-blowing project: the Catarina Executive Airport. Those use utilize executive aviation in the Sao Paulo area are more than thankful for this exclusive, luxury facility, and only they are allowed to fly to and from this structure. Whether these individuals and groups are using small aircraft or a massive business jet, they will be easily accommodated.