Any successful business owes its position in the limelight to a business leader who possesses strong leadership skills. The ability to generate revolutionary ideas and an eye for hiring exceptional talent should also be something a good business leader possesses. A business leader who is clever, collaborative, confident and creative will no doubt thrive in any business venture he is she partakes. Over the years, the Chicagoan Markets have seen profit margins increase with the year 2014 being the best year so far. According to Silicon Valley Bank’s Annual Innovation Economy Outlook, growth in the Chicagoan market is likely to continue throughout the year 2015 to its end. With such tremendous success in business, we can say that Chicagoan business leaders are on top of their game and possess all the good traits a business leader should posses. Entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders from Chicago are eager to invest in the opportunities that present themselves in the market so that the growth does not stagnate.
Chicagoan business leaders owe their tremendous success to the closely knit association they form with each other such that they are popularly known as the Chicagoan business and market leaders. Among them powerful leaders in the world such as Trina Dru Gordon who is the President and CEO of Boyden World Corporation and Peter McGuiness, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer at Chobani. Every business leader has their own unique way of running a business successfully. Chicagoan business leaders bring together these ideas in association, for instance, The Magnificent Mile Association making them a well-organized group of business leaders. Hence, it is no wonder that they exhibit so many prowesses in the business world.
Majeed Ekbal. This is a Chicagoan business leader; a man who has ripped so much from the business world. As an entrepreneur and a business executive, Majeed Ekbal currently serves as the president of Expresso. Expresso is a company that deals is groceries, purchasing them for clients and delivering them within specified periods. Majeed Ekbal has a vimeo account for his videos and also established Expresso after obtaining his undergraduate. His talent, skill and versatility has seen him through decades of success working as an entrepreneur and a marketing executive. This proven by the fact that he intends to extend the services offered by Expresso to other North shore suburbs such as Evanston and Wilmete.