Christopher Burch is a successful man with a deep passion for both productivity and creativity. He is the chief executive officer and founder of the well-known Burch Creative Capital. Additionally, he is one of the co-founders of the prominent C. Wonder and Tory Burch LLC. Mr. Burch has an impressive and extensive record as an entrepreneur and investor. He successfully made his very first investment in the year 1976, beginning his illustrious career at a tender age while still a student at Ithaca College. Over the years, he has made good use of his instinctive eyes to perfectly discern services and products of the future. Mr. Burch has invested in different businesses across the world which have contributed to his success. Presently, Burch Creative Capital’s portfolio includes businesses like the fantastical resort Nihiwatu, the accessory company TRADEMARK, the trendy technology firm Jawbone and Faena Hotel Universe among others.


By being an ardent and keen observant of consumer behavior and trends, Mr. Burch has been able to make his career very successful. He professionally walks the lines between creating new and innovative products and satisfying old client’s desires and needs. When discussing future tech trends, Christopher Burch considers the increased fashion and technology intermingling, as a major topic. Since the 1970s technology size has decreased but increased in personal expression, popularity and wearability.


His Views on Fashion and Technology


Not long ago, Chris Burch wrote an informative article on tech fashion trends for the future. This article discusses the synthesis of technology and fashion comparing the popular and widely used boom box of the 1970s with the current fashionable iPod.


According to Burch, technology is very important since it enables us look good. He goes ahead to highlight Annouk Wipprecht, a fashion designer who makes classy and function driven clothes, something that has been made possible through new technological trends. He also mentions Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt who have invented and engineered airbag systems for bikers. Chris Burch discusses material innovation and recycling, and how individuals like Soledad Martin are currently experimenting with high quality materials for running shoes that allows one charge his or her phone while exercising.


Upon completing his article, Chris points out how technology plays an integral part in making fashion more functional. He says that technology and fashion can be used together exclusively to create energy. He envisions a future where fashion ad technology can make one another better, more fashionable and more functional. Chris Burch only sees creative winners and not losers.


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