Often times, when people are attending a live show they expect to have an experience, to be wowed. In order to ensure the wow factor is present, every single detail of a live event has to be planned out in detail. This is exactly what Clay Hutson strives to do.


Clay Hutson is a sound engineer, tour producer, and production manager who works tirelessly to ensure that live performances go on without a hitch; he accomplishes this in a number of ways. First, he works hard and long hours. Second, he creates a detailed plan, listing out every task, big and small, that needs to be completed. This allows Clay and his team to be more productive and efficient. Third, Clay, at a minimum, double checks all the work that he, along with his crew, completes. This is critical because it is through the checking process that potential problems will be uncovered. Fourth, he hires quality workers. In Clay’s opinion, a person’s work ethic, talent, and abilities are more important than his/her attitude. While none of these seem particularly noteworthy by themselves, it is the combination of all of them that has earned Clay Hutson the great reputation he has.


Despite his current success, it took Clay Hutson many years to learn the industry inside and out. After graduating college, he worked in the live music industry, eventually becoming a project manager. It is this experience that gave Hutson the knowledge and experience he needed to feel comfortable and confident in starting his own company.


Luckily, Clay Hutson hasn’t had many struggles or failures since creating his company. However, shortly after his company was created he had an experience that had a lasting effect on how he would conduct his business in the future. Clay was put in a tough position when he was working as a subcontractor for another company. Unfortunately, the client was unhappy with the main company and decided to cut ties with it, but, wanted to continue working with Clay Hutson. The original company was unhappy about this new partnership and decided to take legal action. This event cost Clay over $145,000, countless hours, and a whole lot of effort. But, Clay learned some valuable lessons, for example, not to work as a subcontractor and to safeguard not just his, but also his company’s reputation. After all, it is his reputation that leads new clients his way. Learn more: https://www.discogs.com/artist/4165463-Clay-Hutson