Danilo Diaz Granados is renowned for treating his affluent guests to exceptional events. He believes that it is okay to engage in extravagant events albeit occasionally. The recent event he held in Miami was not exceptional since it featured the extravagant characteristic that had defined all the past events. For instance, the recent event featured exclusive sceneries, helicopter rides, racetrack, boat ride, fine cuisines and Dom Perignon champagne. The recent event reiterated the tradition held by TOYS for BOYS’ co-founder that once in a while it is important to indulge. This is true especially for elites and socialites residing in Miami.

Granados has always wished to provide an opportunity where guests are treated to an extraordinary experience. Now, men living in Miami have an opportunity to indulge in extravagant lifestyle offered even as they shop and explore different scenery. However, these events are for a selected few who are handpicked to grace them. The lucky guests were treated to an intimate breakfast held in unique serene of Dame Zaha Hadid Museum Center. After breakfast guests were treated to a special preview of Miami. This is great especially for guests seeking investment opportunities in Miami. In fact, there are plans to develop residential properties in Biscayne area.

The primary objective was to accord guests a rare opportunity to connect with the extravagant lifestyle found in Miami. The guests were fortunate to have the company of Granados who accompanied them during the helicopter ride. The 30 minutes ride brought them to Palm Beach Racetrack where everybody was accorded a lifetime experience to drive any of our exotic race cars around the racetrack. After the event, the guests were airlifted back to Dom Perignon champagne reception. Moreover, the guests enjoyed the rare opportunity to enjoy lunch riding over Miami River on River Yacht Club.

The key mission of Danilo Diaz Granados is to provide Latinos living in Miami with an extravagant lifestyle. Granados realized the need to provide the community with a luxurious boutique that offers exotic automobiles, fine watches, quality jewelries and conventional all under-one-roof. This emanates from his rich academic background. He studied economics at Babson College graduating with Economics and Entrepreneurship Degrees.