Also known as Dave, David Giertz is the senior vice president of the commercial distribution and sales at the public life insurance company. He has been in the company since 3rd April 2013. His professional prowess and knowledge in how to manage national groups do not just end there. He is also served as the senior vice president and director at many other nationwide companies.

He is loved because he can see small details that go a long way in making a business globally successful. David Giertz also teaches workers how to treat their customers and how to give them the right information. He has served in the industry for a long time and is aware of the things that work and what is not functioning. In the year 2009 and 2013, he served as the vice president of sales at the FI/WH.

In a video posted on, David Giertz gives workers the advantages of telling their customers about social security. According to him, providing your clients with the right social security information allows them to make informed choices. For instance, it is always confusing to know the difference between widow/ widower benefits and spousal benefits on

With widow/widower benefits, you can begin withdrawing based on your earning records. Later, one can switch to survivor benefits based on their record. It can be done even before the surviving partner retires which cannot happen with spousal benefits according to

It is also important for clients to know that after a divorce before one spouse dies before remarrying, the surviving spouse will be treated as a widow or widower regardless of the /events that led to the divorce. Each partner has the right to ensure that they have enough information about who will be getting money from them after they die. They will, therefore, be able to plan their finances better and make better choices.

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