David McDonald has been working for OSI Group for over 3 decades. When he joined, the company had a big vision for where it wanted to see itself in the next couple of years and David was determined to help this vision be realized. OSI Group works relentlessly at been a global leader in the food industry. This vision has not changed much but the steps towards the vision are been met gradually. David leads the company in satisfying their clients by listening to the needs on the ground, understanding them and implementing through the delivery of products that the clients want.

Due to the fact that the company is privately owned, decision making and innovative ideas can be quickly implemented to meet particular goals. Their clients sometimes offer challenges in what they ask for but OSI, through David’s leadership, is up for the challenge. David states that OSI Group does not compromise on quality no matter how much quantity is required. This, together with good customer relations and food safety is what has kept them at the top of the game in the industry for years.

David McDonald achieved his Bachelor’s degree at Iowa State University. He currently is the CEO and President of OSI Group. Prior to getting this position, he was OSI Industries’ Project Manager. He also held a high position at Marfrig Global Foods. David is the Chairman of the Meat Institue of North America. When David became CEO of OSI Group, his sustainability plan was to keep growing the company through acquisitions of other companies that would help them expand their presence and capabilities in the markets they served.

To date, OSI Group has acquired Tyson Food and Baho Foods among others. David views this move as one which will increase their efficiency and help them meet the demand of their ever-growing client base. David stated that they valued their clients and this is why they were going an extra mile in providing products that had been based on the needs of their clients. Since the company serves various countries, they make sure that the products provided fit the needs of the local people. They try as much as possible to use local materials to also support the communities they serve. OSI Group is a leader and they intend to keep expanding their services in the food industry as they provide the products that fit their customers’ tastes.

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