The business of streaming music is big, and the companies which can make it work can rake in millions of dollars. Tidal is in the mix, but they are still the underdog. Desiree Perez has been hired by Jay-Z to bring the sagging Tidal up to speed.

Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez who is the head of ROC Nation Sports, and Desiree is an executive there. She is also friends with Jay-Z who has hired her to help with the revamping of Tidal, even though there have been some management changes, Jay-Z has not given up. At least he deserves the credit for seeing to it that the right people are at the helm of Tidal now so some good things can begin to happen.

The experience that Desiree brings to the table is her ability to be able to negotiate those needed multi-million dollar contracts. Her experience at ROC Nation carries over to the help she is giving to Tidal. Her desire is to help Tidal get back into the mainstream with more memberships and more customers.

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Desiree has been in this position herself before, and she knows what it is going to take to make the Tidal company become profitable for everybody, including the artists. Just her name alone is causing more signups to Tidal, and the future is looking very bright, indeed. For more of Dez updates, click on

Tidal is back on the upswing since with some additional album exclusives from some of the co-owners like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kanye West. They all know that Desiree is the right person to make it all happen.  Useful link on

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