Doe Deere isn’t your typical hardcore, live by the book fashionista. While many in the fashion world believe that a certain look or certain color belongs in a certain place, Doe Deere does not. Her creative take on the industry is that it is OK to break some fashion rules and turn some heads, as long as you keep it to a certain professional and eye appealing level. Even she will say that their are rules even when you are breaking rules. She recently sat down with to give some insight on her views of fashion.

Her line of makes-up shows us that she isn’t afraid to mix it up with bold and vibrant colors and appropriately names it “makeup for unicorns”. She experiments daily with different colors and styles that many wouldn’t do themselves for fear of being out of the trend. She gives one example of the common tip that you should only do only one bold thing at a time. She states the lack of creativity is just not fun. She experiments daily with matching bold lip colors with what would seem to be a contrasting eye shade. Doe states that the key to success in this look is color coordination through out the whole ensemble. You can find a distinct balance and still be creative at the same time.

Doe Deere is the Russian born and New York City raised CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics that started her success on EBAY in 2004. She would model everything herself. Her ideas for her famous color schemes starting blossoming when he worked as a seamstress and realized that is was hard to find a variety of colors then. In 2008 she took a bold step and launched Lime Crime. Since then her company has blossomed into an international success that showcases her style of animal-friendly, vibrant makeup colors.

Doe Deere is an avid supporter of animals. She regularly donates to Bide-A-Wee, a no-kill shelter that rehabilitates and re-homes abandoned cats and dogs. This is one of the most important ones because she owns three cats, two of which are rescued pets. She also heavily supports self-made woman entrepreneurs and encourage all woman not to be afraid to take a chance on themselves. Her husband Mark sits as President of Lime Crime and have been together for 16 years, since they started a rock band together.