I grew up in a beach city where girls did not wear very much makeup. I hardly wore any makeup when I was growing up. However, when I moved to a bigger city away from the beach, things began to change. I started noticing other girls and friends and how they did their makeup. I really loved the way it looked and started to try new makeup products myself. Some of my friends helped me put my makeup on and other times I studied the looks of celebrities and other people who I thought did their makeup really well.

Now, putting on makeup has become second nature. I pretty much wear makeup everyday unless I am at home all day. If I do not wear makeup when I go out, I feel naked. I just feel like it is another accessory and a fashion statement that I have gotten used to putting on everyday. I must be doing a really good job at applying it also because many of my friends and family members have asked me to help them put theirs on for special events. It is really rewarding to see the pictures from special events and have my loved ones tell me that they have never felt so beautiful after I put their makeup on. It is an incredible feeling so much so that I have even thought about going into makeup as a profession, but I have other dreams.

But, because I thought about being a makeup artist for awhile, I started to research some of the most popular and newest makeup lines on the market. That is when I discovered Doe Deere’s Lime Crime makeup brand. She is the founder and the CEO. She is also a musician. I find that very cool. I also find it amazing that she was able to brand her makeup line entirely on the internet. I also love that there is a story behind every makeup product in her line. It is just a very unique approach and it is definitely memorable. She is truly a marketing, creative genius!

I have many dreams and aspirations and it is simply amazing to me to think that my love of makeup has helped inspire me to continue to go after my own dreams using the internet as a marketing tool as well thanks to Doe Deere on observer. The more success stories like hers only help me stay on target with my own goals. There are many people in this world who think that dreams are not possible, but I believe the only dreams that are not possible are the ones that we stop going after.