While some doctors have no other hobbies or jobs outside the hospital, Dr. Akhil Reddy is not one of the many. He is a qualified dentist who does his job as per the requirements, but has managed to enjoy what he loves. While advising on wine, he sees it as his medical duty to inform people on where they can get good, high-quality wine at affordable prices. Dr. Reddy believes that everybody deserves healthy food regardless of the size of their pockets.

Apart from being an excellent dentist who has received an award for his exemplary undergraduate research project, Akhil is a very stylish man. He understands very well the pressure that comes with having to wear a lab coat every day while at work. For this reason, he has been very active in providing actionable and reliable advice to all his fellow men in the medical field. He understands that the coat is not just a requirement by the management, but it is a protective gear for all medical practitioners.

Reddy’s advice to the male medics is to stay professional at all times, but still be stylish even if the coat covers more than half of their clothes. According to Dr. Akhil Reddy, the fact that you are putting on the lab coat is not an excuse to dress carelessly. Taking time to choose the right clothes is one way of being professional. Some of the stylish yet professional combination of clothes that he suggests are a turtle neck and a pair of dark khaki trousers. This combination will depict you as a stylish person with a good sense of fashion, and it will not get lost under the white lab coat. According to Reddy, a dress shirt and a tie also works the magic. In it, you look confident and stylish. He also suggests outfits like a business casual and dark jeans with a collared shirt. He has other fantastic ideas for men in the medical field or anyone whose profession requires him/her to put on a white lab coat.

For the wine lovers, Reddy has done his research adequately. He came up with a list of French wines that have fresh taste and yet very affordable. According to him, French wine is one of the best wines due to the good quality of grapes used and the vast experience employed when fermenting it. One of the wines he has recommended is the Chateau d’Aiguilhe, Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon, which goes for $18. He describes it as a vibrant wine with a lot of elegance.

Reddy, who is a self-confessed oenophile, works with MB2 Dental. He is also the current director of Just Health 510.