End Citizens United is an organization designed to help “every day” people. For years in the political world, your voice has only been heard if you were part of the 1%. The 1% stands for the people in the United States who are 40 times richer than the average citizens in the U.S. This organization has been doing a phenomenal job, not only have they been speaking out on this problem, but they have been gathering citizens and taking action to help solve this problem. It is important to know that End Citizens United is lead by strictly by the democratic party.

End Citizens United has a mission to end the rigged political system that is now being practiced in the U.S. End Citizens United’s most important goal is to pass an amendment in the constitution to support their vision. This organization works toward their mission by electing pro reform candidates only, consistently informing citizens of the issue, and working with ballot campaigns to get pro reform laws passed. This is an important goal for End Citizens United since most citizens are aware that our democracy is not a democracy anymore. Our democracy has turned into a system that is rigged only for the rich to pay their way through. Their goal is to also create transparency to citizens when it comes to money in the political world.

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As of now, End Citizens United has a large support system. Even people like Rick Hasen, campaign finance regulation expert, has recognized the group for its hard work. Hasen also gave End Citizens United props for keeping the citizens aware of this issue. It has been noticed that keeping citizens aware of this issue applies pressure to the politics who are active participants with this unlimited money for politics. End Citizens United has also been endorsed by plenty democrat candidates in 2016, including the former senate of Wisconsin, Russ Feingold. End Citizens United has received over 100,000 donations so far. It is safe to say that soon citizens in the United States voice’s will now be heard because of End Citizens United. They are on the right track for a successful future.