There is a rising tide of change sweeping through Washington D.C. right now and it promises big change in the future. The election of Donald Trump to the White House has put America on notice and it is due in large part to the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding the conservative group Citizens United. In 2010, Citizens United ruled in favor of conservative propaganda group Citizens United in their argument that corporations were people and that these companies should be given free reign to donate to politicians as an extension of their freedom of speech. Now, eight years later, we are seeing the full impact of that dastardly decision. End Citizens United is a political action committee that is promising to make huge changes in the upcoming 2018 congressional elections, and they are starting by sighting four prominent Republicans.

End Citizens United was created in order to fight back against the 2010 Supreme Court decision we quoted above. In order to fight back and eventually get a constitutional amendment in place, ECU needs to bring in progressive candidates who are willing to bring reform to the highest seats in the country. In order to do this, End Citizens United is focusing heavily on the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. In 2018, End Citizens United will be targeting a slew of familiar Republican names that have resisted the fight to overturn Citizens United. Among those Republicans are Dana Rohrabacher, Darrell Issa, Mimi Walters and Duncan Hunter — all house members in California that have a loose grip on their seat that could quickly be exploited.

End Citizens United was created back in 2015 and they were active during the 2016 presidential election, supporting several candidates that promised to fight for campaign finance reform. Unfortunately, 2016 was a massive step backward for campaign finance reform as several prominent elections were lost to big-spending, corporate-funded conservative candidates. Still, End Citizens United put $25 million via donations in support of candidates willing to fight for that change last year and there is no doubt that more enthusiasm will be garnered for the upcoming 2018 elections. According to reports released by the Federal Election Commission, End Citizens United has already raised nearly $12 million through the end of October. This doesn’t mean that ECU will be spending all that they earn on these specific four seats, but it is definitely a possibility.

The work that End Citizens United is being done on behalf of every voting American in the country. When dark money and lobbyists control legislation, everybody loses. End Citizens United is seeking to bring power back to the voters while taking it away from those high-dollar special interests that seek to sway every election in the United States of America. With any luck, End Citizens United will be successful as 2018 rolls into gear.

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