Equity First Holding is a lending firm which is recognized across the world for its specialized lending and financial solutions. It is a global leader and also a financial shareholder having offices in United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Sydney and Bangkok. In Australia, its branches are in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The headquarters of Equity First Holdings is in Indianapolis. With over 14 years in operation it provides customers with the required financial solutions and also helps them meet their personal goals.

Since the year 2002 the firm has managed more than forty million in assets. The firm has helped startups who want to secure capital to attain fast cash without struggling. The company specializes in developing efficient alternative lending solutions for individuals seeking non-purpose capital and businesses. Also they provide stock-based loans, this are loans which restrictions are minimal meaning that the cash can be used for different reasons. Clients who go for this type of loans pay an interest rate of four percent or lower. Their loans have low risks associated with them.

When one is given a loan the business stock can be used as collateral this makes the owner of the business to get the loan and use the money on whichever need he has. Moreover, before acquiring the marginal loans one has to go through specific stages to determine if they are qualifying or not. In some instances, the marginal loans can only be subjected to a specific use. Equity First holdings are totally unique and different from other lending institutions in that its major goal is to deliver maximum benefits to their customers and offer them with very little risk so that they can be able to meet their personal and financial goals. Moreover, the firm is built to the code of integrity and relies much on trading institutions for assistance.