Eric Lefkofsky is a technological expert and a business technocrat. He is the man behind the formation of Tempus Inc. He also doubles up as the chief executive officer of the company. In the establishment, he strives to pool together resources in the attempt to achieve a more efficient and effective cancer treatment mode. Throughout his life, Eric has invested in different sectors of the economy. He was among the founding partners of the Light bank; the company that focuses on disruptive technology.

Eric Lefkofsky went to Lathrup High School. He then went ahead to the Michigan University and enrolled for a bachelor degree in law. He graduated in the year 1991 with honors. In the same year, he registered for postgraduate learning in the same University.

As the president of the company, Eric Lefkofsky is tasked with the leading role of showing leadership to his workers. He is also the person to oversee the implementation of the various ideas and options that are passed in plenary group discussions. As the CEO, he manages the different research projects to ensure that they deliver the best treatment plans for the cancerous patients.

Unlike in other research firms, Tempus Inc. has a different approach to issues. Instead of focusing on ways that one can achieve a single cure, the group focuses on implementing different ideas and strategies that lead to the same goals. The group aims to make sure that various patients are treated in a specific manner and as humanely as possible.

In the attempt to achieve this objective, Tempus Inc. involves the different stakeholders in this profession. These revolve around doctors, nurses and even patients. The firm gets the raw data from various medical staff in the country. They then use the concept of molecular therapy to analyze the data and make any meaningful recommendation critically.

In its various recommendations, the firm gives multiple treatment options at the disposal of the doctor. It is the doctor to ensure that he selects the best according to the situation of the patient. If carefully followed, the patients can receive the best possible healthcare services.