Fabletics is a brand that has taken the world of fashion brilliantly, through their activewear and leisurewear that has people drooling over. Starting out in 2013, the brand has transitioned into a brand that has now become a house name. Since its inception, Fabletics has managed to wow critiques and consumers alike, giving them something that they would never expect. Over the span of a few years, the brand has grown tremendously and is now standing tall as a $250 million company, with a bright future ahead of them. But no one succeeds in the fashion industry by being one in the crowd, and Fabletics demonstrates that very statement to the fullest of their potential. In almost every facet of the brand, Fabletics has done something that is unconventional and unique, giving them the position in the fashion industry that they have today.


With companies like Amazon taking a large quantity of the market shares, brands that are just starting out seem to have to deal with a lot more than just putting out quality products. People tend to go to sites like Amazon because it’s easy and convenient to find everything that you would need under one roof. Though Fabletics isn’t a brand to provide its customers with things other than clothing, it stuck by the notion of being convenient for its clients. Fabletics wanted to be able to establish a firm relationship with their customers to retain them while making them do very little effort to attain their products. That’s when it was decided that they brand would provide customers the opportunity to sign up with them and receive clothing on a monthly basis.


But how does Fabletics do this one might ask? It’s simple, once a customer enters the site, they fill in details which would be relevant when helping them pick out clothing. By choosing the sport you play, and by giving in a few more details (which aren’t shared with anyone other than the Fabletics team), customers are given a wide range of options catered specifically to them. Once the customer chooses what they like, they get monthly packages of items that they opt for. This is how Fabletics has managed to keep their customers buying from them every month. By opting for this, Fabletics’ customers get some of the latest trends in fashion and activewear delivered to them every month.


Fabletics is one company that believes in truly finding out what their customers want and giving them exactly that. Fabletics tries to invest as much as possible into market research to know more about their customers and their target audience. By doing this, the brand has been able to tailor their business strategies to be the most efficient, for the most profit. Fabletics collects all the data through their website and uses it for their research to know the best ways to market to that particular audience. In other words, Fabletics is winning the fashion game through thorough and precise market research.