Brazil transformed into one of the countries with the largest economies on the planet. As a result, the nation wanted to change their infrastructure to attract more investors, and the government started to announce 57 projects that are slated to begin this year. The infrastructure projects have a total cost of $1 billion, and the government thinks that the amount is not enough. They sent Felipe Montoro Jens and Dyogo Oliveira to the IDB meeting in Argentina to speak with the governors of the organization. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, the organization listened to their requests and promised that they would do something to help the government of Brazil. View to learn more.

One of the solutions seen by Felipe Montoro Jens to stop the financial problems of the country is to partner with private companies and initiate public-private partnerships. The private sector has the resources that the government needs and all they have to do are to ask them for help. With over 57 projects slated to begin this year, the government needs to create more connections to make their dreams a reality.

Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the government is focusing on education, health, and tourism. In the city of Rio de Janeiro alone, the government plans to build thousands of school buildings, and they are also planning to make more hospitals to serve those who are living in remote areas. The government is also focusing on the rising number of tourists coming to Brazil to take a vacation. Last year, the government posted six million international arrivals, much higher compared to the data in 2016. Felipe Montoro Jens stated that he is confident that the government of Brazil will be able to create the projects that they need to drive the country into a top tourist destination. The government of Brazil stated that the country needs more seaports and airports, and billions of dollars are needed to construct it. Follow: