Most all workplaces require WIFI to get their work done, and most everyone has WIFI in their homes today. A lot of people today work on the go away from their office and home, so they need hotspots available to access the internet. Fortress Investment Group is an investment strategy that has paired with iPass which a company that is leading the way for making hotspots more readily available to companies and individuals.

Fortress Investment Group and iPass worked together with Riley Financial Inc to produce a loan to allow them to start their WIFI/hotspot business. Riley Financial works in four different ways auction and liquidation, capital markets, principle investments, and appraisal. Riley Financial is an investment group that puts together profile deals for companies trying to start big projects. The Fortress iPass deal was definitely something they were interested in. Learn more at

IPass offers the world’s largest WIFI network. It allows customers to be able to access the internet through an application they can put on any device. They can enjoy unlimited WIFI on an unlimited number of devices. As of now iPass offers over 64 million global hotspots, but by the end of 2018 they hope to expand this to over 340 million global hotspots. These hotspots include hotels, airports, restaurants, and many other spots.

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998, and deals like this are really going to help it take off. Everyone needs internet whether it is for work or school. The internet is something that we use daily. As of now Fortress employs over 900 people, and is headquartered in New York. We know though that they will continue to expand and employ more people as they grow. Fortress Investment Group has won many different awards and recognition, including Institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. Fortress and iPass are building a great business together. Once they really start taking off, no-one will stop them!

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