Politics is such a dirty field. Everyone in politics seems to have no moral code or boundaries of any kind. Sadly, today’s society supports idea that any comment or protest is acceptable. That means that any can be targeted by any organization and mercilessly attacked.
That’s the kind of trouble George Soros finds himself in currently. He’s not a political candidate of any kind; he’s an 87-year-old man who’s worked on Wall Street for most of his life. He’s just using his money to give back to society. That generosity attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

JPost reports that many organizations have begun demonizing his philanthropic efforts. Anytime he mentions supporting a cause, it’s immediately contorted into some vague attempt to destroy the red-blooded America these right wing conspiracy theorists love. They hate him because he’s funded Black Matter Lives protests and supported the Women’s March.

Most of this hatred comes from 1992 when he made $1 billion in a single market move. Since then, lots of conspiracy theorists claim he’s been running the economy. In the early 2000s, he stood against President George W. Bush’s reelection. He donated $27 million to the other candidate, which was an unprecedented sum of funds at that time.

The hatred he’s experienced over the years is nothing compared to the good he’d done. Mr. Soros is one billionaire hedge fund manager that knows what to do with his money. Rather than spend it on himself, he donated a large percentage of his earnings to his Open Society Foundations.

As the NY Times reported, he’s donated $18 billion to Open Society. That’s one of the largest donations from a single donor to a single organization. He didn’t donate all $18 billion in one transfer. Over the last 30 years, he’s been donating $800 or $900 million a year.
His organization is worldwide foundation that helps nations in needs. To date, Open Society’s operated in over 120 countries. Any problem that prevents society from moving forward fits into Open Society’s wheelhouse. They’ve even helped treatment centers get funding to cure the sick.

In recent years, their attention to the U.S. has increased. After Donald Trump won the election, America descended into an era of darkness. Now, Open Society fights against the many hate groups and hate incidents.

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