The world of finance provides a unique opportunity for people to grow their knowledge on investment matters. It is also an avenue for creating wealth and building successful companies. However, this does not come easily. It requires sheer hard work and dedication. Many people have tried their luck in this lucrative sector. Some have made a fortune and a name while others have not been fortunate. One man stands in this world of finance. His name is Graeme Holm.

The legendary entrepreneur has many years of experience in the financial services industry. He has built a career and fortune and become a role model to many aspiring businesspeople in finance and investments. Throughout his highly successful career, he has become a force to reckon in finance, real estate, property and financial planning. Graeme Holm has worked in the banking environment for more than a decade. This provided him with the opportunity he needed to excel and transform the world of financial services.

In Australia, he is a big name. In his years of practice, he came to realize that most Australians received a raw deal from the financial institutions. Most of these people dealt directly with the institutions which lacked the personal appeal. They assumed that everyone is financially literate and thus did not offer products and services meant for the ordinary person. To him, this was a tremendous opportunity. As a result, the budding entrepreneur started a firm by the name Infinity Group Australia Pty Lt. This is a premier institution determined to change the lives of my Australians by providing them with services which many financial institutions were not in a position to offer. Most of the Australians are dependent on monthly salaries. They are not able to plan for their finances. The problem is coupled with the fact that many have loans of all sorts. Being able to plan for them and still run their day to day life is tough. His company came in to offer personalized financial support and advice to the people. Notably, home loans are very cumbersome. People struggle to repay back these loans which run for more than thirty years.

Graeme Holm did a lot of research meant to change this scenario. The old bank structure was tailored to make clients pay the bulk of their principal on loans within twelve years. However, with the entry of his firm into the industry, these clients were now able to do the same in ninety days or less. This was very amazing. Resultantly, clients were in a position to clear their home loans over a period of between seven to ten years. To achieve this, his firm did a lot of research in a bid to establish the weaknesses with the Australian mortgage industry. The result of the study indicated that the majority of these financial institutions failed to give their clients the necessary advice and support on how to go about repaying their loans. These firms did not have a mechanism in place to incentivize their employees on how to offer guidance to their clients. It was a significant breakthrough which has made his firm to be successful. It has continued to grow and offers modern advisory services to these clients. Learn more: