Gregory James Aziz is a force to reckon with in the freight Car manufacturing industry, as he has proved his competence through the success of National Steel Car. This is the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars across America that Gregory J, Aziz, an accomplished leader, heads as its CEO, and President. With the quality education in economics, from the University of Western Ontario, Greg James Aziz is armed with skills and knowledge, on how to hold the numerous responsibilities that come with these positions. As a result, he has propelled the National Steel Car in realizing its growth and operations to its over 2000 members, making it a leader in technological advancement and quality products in its industry.

Greg Aziz hails from a family with an entrepreneurial eye, that runs the Affiliated Foods-a leading importer of fresh foods. This is where his successful journey began, as he gained the experience of running operations, having worked here for 16 years. Under his leadership, this family-owned company expanded its operations to foreign countries, from Europe to South America, due to an increase in its business operations.


Being the entrepreneur he is, in the 1980s and 90s, Gregory J Aziz ventured into investment banking, a career path that laid a foundation for his current position at National Steel Car. With a goal to revive this company to its former glory, Greg has achieved just that, as National Steel Car, is the most popular railroad freight car company in North America. This is an indication that he is an overachiever and a leader who is relentless in his pursuit of success. Additionally, the same resilience and success under his watch are seen in the success of National Steel Car that is the only railroad car manufacturer to receive certification for 18 consecutive years, and a TTX SECO award, due to its production of thousands of freight cars per year, of high quality.

Aside from running the National Steel Car, Gregory Aziz, works with the local community of Hamilton as a philanthropist, by sponsoring most of their projects that improve their living standards. These projects include the renovations and construction of the Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army. Moreover, he sponsors agricultural fairs that bring the company and the community together, thus encouraging teamwork, called the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This involvement with the community has equipped Greg’s employees with the spirit of community building that makes them attend an annual Christmas party. Visit This Page for more information.