Based out of Scottsdale Arizona, entrepreneur Greg Hodge is a law professor, attorney, author and business partner to the successful Mark McKay of the bestseller Swim With The Sharks. He has also built multiple Real Estate firms and also speaks at various real estate related events.

Baffled by the current real estate model for buying and selling homes, Hodge was taken aback by the fact that Amazon and Apple’s business models and sales strategies area not implemented in the real estate industry. In fact, it is been his observation that the process for buying and selling homes has been the same for the past 75 years. He attributes this inefficiency to home sellers experiencing a 3 to 8% reduction in the price of their homes. Refers to the current traditional home buying and selling process as hope marketing, Hodge plans to turn the real estate process around with his new real estate venture, the Real Estate Mavericks, which is a new real estate coaching company.

The real estate maverick offers a new twist to the Real Estate by and sales process. It includes a 22-step home launching formula as well as a 29-day fast sale plan. Together these are the initial steps towards implementing a new direction for how real estate is bought and sold.

The approach that the Real Estate Mavericks has developed includes building excitement and creating a demand to frontload the home marketing efforts. Mainly because Hodge believes that the more time a home stays on the market, the death of the price of the home. The primary goal is to generate a large rush of ready buyers almost immediately after the home is listed on the market. His strategy to create a “buy now, don’t lose it” mindset among homebuyers will motivate them to respond quickly while the prices are still high. He also plans to implement an anticipation building, pre-launch sequence prior to the implementation of traditional Real Estate marketing strategies.

In what Hauge refers to as a pre-launch period, part of his strategy will involve the listing agent developing a sellers’ motivation story. That will be used to strategically “drip feeds” to an already “anxious seller. It will be more of a – best price home – great home to live in – and a “coming soon” message that will be fed into the marketplace with the intent of generating both curiosity and demand. Afterwards, a series of follow up strategies will be implemented that will consist of personalized private showings to buyers. Mainly those who are most likely to pay more for the homes due to fear of losing the home to another buyer if they don’t act fast.
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