1Gregory Aziz is an entrepreneur with a difference. He is a businessman who believes in making what seems as impossible possible. He is a Canadian economist who is the owner and CEO of the National steel car, one of the country’s engineering and manufacturing companies. National steel car is doing very well in the railway sector thanks to the efforts of Greg Aziz. He took over the management of this company when it looked like all was lost for the company. The management before him was unable to run it and the production capacity had gone so low that it was no longer a sustainable business.


Greg Aziz came in with his business expertise. He knew that the region had not seen the last of the railway’s products. The industry was very much alive and that it would continue being one of the biggest sectors in the country. Railways sector had taken a dip following the emergence of alternative means of transport such as air. There seemed to be no room for railways products. However, this was the thinking of other entrepreneurs and not Gregory Aziz. Greg knew what he wanted. He knew investment, and to him, National steel car was a good investment. He just needed to join the industry and make some very key operational decisions that would see the company perform well again. He came in with ideas that would change the way business was done in the company, and the results were clear for everyone to see.


As an economist, his focus was on reviving the sector in line with the demands of the market. He knew the market was still demanding railways products and this is the gap that he would fill. National steel car became the best company in the engineering sector with just five years of his management. The company had done so much to its production systems such that it was producing over 12000 cars annually down from 3500 cars under the previous management. Gregory James Aziz was the difference. He came in and brought changes that led to instantaneous changes in the firm. Go To This Page for related information.


National steel car is now doing very well as one of the leading companies in the country. It is contributing positively to the development of the region by supporting a key section of the infrastructure in the country as well as creating job opportunities for hundreds of people. The economy of Hamilton, where it is located has benefited the most from the business activities of the National steel car. The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade and recognized the growth of the company awarding it the ISO 9001:2008 certification.