Most people know him as the driver of the leading company in freight engineering known as National steel car. He has been the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the company which for over a century now has been at the top of matters rolling stock. Not many people know about Greg Aziz beyond that point. Fortunately, we have put together some information about him so that we might help you learn about this great man.

Gregory Aziz is quite an old school as he was born back in April 1949 which makes him sixty-eight today. He grew up in Ontario and studied at Ridley College. Aziz then graduated from the college to the University of Western Ontario. Here is where he majored in Economics a step that would see him prosper in life. Gregory James put the skills that he acquired in school into play as he started working for his family food business. He was an achiever since back then, and that can be seen through his success with his family business. In only a decade he had managed to grow that business into a worldwide firm. They would now import fresh food from different markets across the world and later distribute to various parts of Europe and even the U.K. all this was made possible through real leadership from Gregory. One would think that due to this success, Gregory would stop there and be comfortable running the family business. But his next stop at National Steel Car proves otherwise. The man does not settle for less. In 1994, James Aziz made a move that many would consider suicidal by buying the company which he is now the chief executive officer. National steel car was on its last kicks due to the depression period which had affected all kinds of businesses from 1930. Even with this being something that would discourage him from buying the company, he still went ahead and purchased it. In his mind, Greg James Aziz had his calculated moves in which he would use to revive the firm, and in only six years, things were looking quite good. By the year 2000 Gregory Aziz, he had increased the production rates of the company by more than a hundred percent. You would be wrong to think that maybe he used illegal channels or by cutting back on the cost of production by reducing the number of workers. Gregory had increased the number of employees from a mere eight hundred to 2500. That means that he not only made the company better but also managed to give back to the society through employment. The man is now quite a tycoon, and that is allowed because the world saw him start off from scratch. He is married to a beautiful woman known as Irene, and they live in one of the most high-class estates in Canada. Read This Article.