Gregory James Aziz is known as a mastermind of business. He has a long and successful history of taking companies who are dying and turning them around so that they are thriving and successful business is today. He has worked as a consultant for some of the largest companies in America and Canada and is highly sought after for the wisdom he brings to the table.


National Steel Car needed Gregory James Aziz to come on as the chief executive officer if they were going to gain prominence as a railway manufacturer yet again. Greg James Aziz took the role of CEO at National Steel Car and knew he would be capable of turning it back into a billion-dollar business.


Greg Aziz began working on helping National Steel Car turn a round by casting a heartfelt vision that demanded success and creativity and innovation. He told the company he wanted to create a rail car that not only was able to meet the strictest environmental laws, but also do so while traveling faster and further and carry more weight.


The people became excited about this vision will realized rather quickly they did not have the techniques and skills necessary to get to the point they could achieve this vision. Gregory J Aziz began providing them opportunities to enhance their skills and tactics by providing them with free classes. These classes, which were more like workshops, were taught by highly specialized people in the fields of efficiency and innovation. Executives and managers and workers were all required to attend one of these classes each quarter.


There’s training in innovation and creativity and power to the people to begin creating the railcar that would forever define National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz then hand-picked from each tier who would be the main believe there for implementing this project. By handing off authority he made us so the average worker did not have to contact him concerning the work. See This Article to learn more.


Greg James Aziz would solidify National Steel Car has the top company by taking the time to celebrate each and every victory that his workforce achieve. This continued adding more and more energy to the company and resulted in achieving this goal two years before the deadline.


Gregory James Aziz now works at Goldman Sachs consulting in the branch division where he received a half the compensation package for all his wisdom and work.