Thor Halvorssen appeared as a guest on the show ‘The Intelligence report with Trish Regan’ and explained his views on the problems that socialism can cause in what he believes are the wrong hands. He explained that there is a difference between “having a socialist policy, having a socialist government, and being a socialist”. Halvorssen cited personal experience for his passionate beliefs with his family history in Venezuela and his father being held as a political prisoner amongst other close family encounters. These first-hand experiences helped to shape his opinion of the way that socialism is practiced in some countries. He gave what he would consider a better solution in creating wealth versus redistributing it, and discussed his belief in free markets.

Although the interview was mostly about his views on socialism, Halvorssen explained that he believes that dictatorships are a much bigger problem. Halvorssen stated that he believes the democratic forerunner has taken millions and millions of dollars from dictatorships. Because of those decisions, Halvorssen defended his support of Bernie Sanders, a socialist senator in comparison to the current forerunners for the democratic and republican parties.

The Human Rights Foundation founder revealed that he had made a substantial contribution to the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Actually the largest contribution allowable. Despite his views on socialism Thor Halvorssen stated that he “would rather have a democratic socialist than a supporter of dictators in the white house”. This was a pretty strong statement given his stance on socialism as a violation of human rights.