There are a lot of different things that people can do to help stray animals in New York City. First, if they see stray animals roaming in the streets, they can speak with a local animal shelter and let them know about the animal they saw. If it is at all possible, they can catch the animal and bring it to a shelter. Another way they can help it is by donating money to animal shelters. Many animal shelters in New York City do not have funds on hand to purchase basic things that animals need. They do not have money to purchase food or to make more space available for new strays that are brought in. Also, they do not have the money that is needed to take care of the medical needs that many strays face. Many need to be vaccinated and to have different health problems taken care of.

One option that individuals should consider is donating to a winter fund raising campaign that was set up by Ross Abelow. He is a well-known attorney who has worked in New York City for more than 20 years. He has decided to spearhead a campaign that will help local animal shelters address some of the issues that they are experiencing. He would like to get as many people on board with this winter fundraiser in order to raise at least $5,000. He has decided to set up an account with Go Fund Me. The great thing about using this fund raising platform is that a person does not have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars in order to make a difference. Instead, they can make small donations. Also, if they spread the word, they can encourage others to make small donations as well. The more quickly money is raised for this great cause, the more quickly animals will be off the streets and taken care of in a warm environment.

Ross Abelow is well known for fighting for the rights of his clients. In 1990, he applied for his license to practice law in the state of New York. After his application was approved and his license was granted, he began working right away as a matrimonial lawyer. He helps individuals who are going through a variety of family cases that require legal help. Depending on the circumstances, he will take cases that have to do with entertainment law and civil litigation.

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