Felipe Montoro Jens is an alumni of Getulio Vargas Foundation and Thunderbird School of Global Management where he got his undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively. He was the former head of finance at Odebrecht SA. Odebrecht Properties of Odebrecht S.A. has him as its Chief Executive officer. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. Among several other positions, he is the chairman of Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. Read more at odiario.com to learn more.

As a result of serving as a director at the Santo Antonio Energia, he has a vast experience in financial management. He is a useful tool to state governments and individual companies where he has come up with useful economic ideas. These ideas help to counter economic waste which will allow organizations to become more successful and profitable.

Mr. Montoro Jens is the Project Infrastructure Specialist of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). PPP deals with projects meant to better the economic status of an area. It has played a significant role in establishing good relationships between public and private organizations. The projects include a housing which leads to development in other infrastructure such as schools and roads. This, in turn, results to job creations.

PPP is involved in a 33,000 housing unit development. This project is taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It will be six years before the completion of this Metropolitan housing project. There will be a creation of about 100,000 job opportunities as a result which will enable this city to grow economically. It seems that Brazil will benefit much from such projects as these. In this way, the country will lift itself from the economic troubles it has experienced in the past.

PPP has also helped fight drought by starting a project that involves planting 15 million palm trees in the rural part of the Vitoria da Conquista city. This project seeks to deal with drought problems in the region. The palms will be used as animal feeds. Therefore, there will be no need to kill some of the animals. An estimation indicates that half a hectare of palm can sustain 120 sheep or 20 dairy cows. This will reduce rural-urban migration and therefore improve the rural economy in the area.

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