Mr. David McDonald is the director and senior manager of OSI Group LLC. Mr. McDonald is the graduate of Iowa State University where he studied Bachelor of Science degree. His passion for food manufacturing and processing began while he was in college. After graduation, Mr. McDonald joined OSI Group while it was operating under the name Otto & Sons. He has over the years helped growz this company into a multi billion dollar enterprise. This OSI Industries currently boasts a net worth of more than $6.1 billion.

Mr. McDonald’s involvement in OSI Industries’ operations

Mr. McDonald has seen OSI Industries through various stages of success and has helped it grow into one of the top profit making food companies in the world. OSI Group operates in U.S. under the name OSI Industries. OSI Group is based in Illinois processes products, such as bacon, hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, vegetables, and hot dogs. In the United States, this company has plants in California, West Jordan, Utah, Riverside, and Geneva. Under Mr. McDonald’s management, this company has been listed by the Forbes Magazine as the 58th largest private company. This company has branches across Europe, America, and Asia. OSI Industries serves high profile brands, such as the McDonalds, a chain of restaurants that make fast foods. It also serves Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, and Pizza Hut. This company has received various awards, including Globe of Honor Award, which was issued by the British Safety Council in the following: click here.

Mr. McDonald’s role in sustainability

Mr. McDonald has played a significant role improving the company sustainability endeavors. He fosters a healthy, sustainable relationships between the communities, the environment, and OSI Industries’ employees. OSI Group currently manages its operations within the economic, social, and environmental frameworks. Some of the company’s programs foster sustainability include:

• Graduate Programs

• The Corporate Animal Welfare Policy in Europe

• The Green House Gas Emission in the USA

• World Environment Day

• Children’s Cancer Charity in Germany

• The Safe Cycling Campaign in the UK

OSI Industries has also acquired other ventures, such as Baho Foods. The purchase of this business was made possible by Mr. McDonald’s negotiation skills. This entrepreneur is the vision bearer of this company and strives to ensure that OSI Industries stands out.